Our response to the COVID19 outbreak

Facing the moment we all went through with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, RoadCampers strives to meet this challenge, proritizing safety, health and community responsibility.

We have defined an Internal Protocol with a set of extraordinary measures, in order to avoid the spread and contamination with COVID-19 (coronavirus), following the guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO), Directorate-General for Health ( DGS) and other health and government authorities.

In addition, RoadCampers has adhered the “Clean & Safe” seal of Turismo de Portugal.

For our Clients

  • Flexible Cancellation Policy

We have adjusted our Cancellation Policy allowing greater flexibility and security.

For all existing bookings in 2020 or for new bookings to be executed:

– If the cancellation occurs more than 2 days before the time of check-in, the Client will be entitled to receive a Voucher of the same total amount already paid, and it can be used without any time limitation. The Voucher can be used more than once until the entire amount has been used. If a trip is booked at a higher price than the remaining amount on the Voucher, it is only necessary to pay the difference in value in order to confirm a reservation.

– If the cancellation of the reservation occurs less than 2 days before the time of check-in, the total amount of the order will be charged (if it has not yet been done), and you will not be eligible to receive a Voucher.

  • Protection Kit (mask and disinfectant)

We offer to all our customers a Protection Kit (mask and disinfectant), not excluding the recommendation that each customer be accompanied by a personal sanitizer.

  • When delivering the vehicle, RoadCampers adopted some basic procedures:

– Provides a video that explains the operation of the vehicle and its equipment, avoiding contact and proximity to it;

– Provides national procedures and contacts that the customer must use in case of experiencing any symptoms during the rental;

  • Suspension of initial and farewell compliance (in the traditional way) between the RoadCampers team and their customers.
  • In the case of face-to-face payments, RoadCampers has MBWAY and TPA with contactless.

Deep Cleaning of Vehicles and Equipment

  • Between each rental, it is guaranteed sufficient time (at least 24 hours) in order to carry out an adequate cleaning and disinfection;


  • When cleaning our vehicles, they are ventilated about thirty minutes before;


  • Cleaning staff wear appropriate clothing, as well as gloves and a mask;


  • While cleaning our vehicles, in addition to removing visible dirt, impurities and dust as part of regular maintenance, disinfectant products suitable for each surface are used, always based on bleach or alcohol at 70º (Source: WHO), with special attention to that they are more conducive to the spread of germs because we touch them frequently (for example: vehicle key, steering wheel, dashboard, curtains, skylights, spring buttons in drawers and cabinets


  • All extra equipment (tables, chairs, boards, etc.) made available to our customers is washed and disinfected, always based on bleach or alcohol at 70º (Source: WHO);


  • All textiles (pillows, sheets, etc.) made available to our customers are washed at a temperature of at least 60ºC, for a minimum of 30 minutes.

RoadCampers team and facilities

  • RoadCampers team has personal protective equipment;


  • RoadCampers team has information and complies with the basic precautions for prevention and infection control regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, including hand hygiene procedures, respiratory etiquette and social conduct, maintaining the recommended distance;


  • RoadCampers facilities have dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution near the entry/exit points, as well as equipment for hand washing with liquid soap and wipes;


  • The cleaning and disinfection of the RoadCampers installations is done daily with bleach-based products, with air renewal of the closed spaces.