N2... Portuguese "ROUTE 66" 😎

Points to stop for a Roadtrip 6 days!


  • The passports indicate the places where they can be stamped, such as tourist offices, cafes or accommodation, along the entire route.


  • N2 Portugal road trip outline map from the ‘Passport’

  • This is the best Portugal roadtrip to take if you really want to see the country’s diversity 🙂


  • If you enjoy slow travel, getting off the beaten track and experiencing life in authentic towns and villages, far from crowds of tourists, you will love the EN2 route.


  • It has 738 km which snake through an ever-changing landscape of mountains, plains, forests, cork oak plantations, vineyards, rocky highlands, verdant valleys and vast reservoirs. The painted milestones start at KM 0 in Chaves and the last one is KM 738 in Faro.


  • Built in 1945, the Estrada Nacional 2 (EN2) cross 35 municipalities and was once the main thoroughfare through the centre of Portugal, connecting typical villages, ancient towns and cities.

Please note that EN2 has lots of bends, so be prepared for the journey to take considerably more time than it would on the motorways and main roads.

This is a road trip for several days, depending on how many overnight stops you want to make and which towns, villages and areas of natural beauty you decide to explore. Here it is main points to stop for 6 days of RoadTrip:

Enjoy and Have Fun!