If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 🙂

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Yes. The minimum rental period is 3 nights for any time of the year.

However, please contact us if you have any questions or need any exception.

The easiest and immediate way will be online, clicking on Book Now. This way you will be able to simulate all the details – dates, pick-up and drop-off locations, extra equipment and additional protection.

You can also contact us by email, chat or phone with all your questions and make the reservation.

At the time of booking, it is necessary to pay 50% of the rental value so that the reservation is confirmed – you can pay by bank transfer, paypal or credit card (VISA/Mastercard).

The remaining 50% of the rental amount must be paid at least 15 days before check in (start of rental) – you can pay by bank transfer, paypall or credit card (VISA/Mastercard).


Additionally, you need to present your credit card (VISA/Mastercard) with enough plafond to captivate the security deposit (depending on the option of insurance chosen).


The appropriate exchange rates will apply according to your payment method/bank fees.

The minimum age to drive our campervans is 21 years / maximum 60 years, with at least 3 years of driving license.

In each booking we include basic features to provide you with a perfect trip:

  • Checkin 24/7
  • Unlimited Km’s
  • Insurance Essential
  • Travel assistance 24/7
  • Kitchen kit (portable stove with gas, excellent fridge that refreshes up to -18ºC, kitchen utensils, water tank)
  • Bedroom Kit (cushions, bedding)
  • Travel advice

However, we offer several equipment that you can rent on request – see the list of them available on our website.

A service fee is a unique value and covers the operation of the RoadCampers platform, our customer support service and total hygienization of vehicles and extras.

Of course!


The insurance Essential is included with every booking.

This means that without paying any extra fee, you are going to have coverage against third parties and own damages; unlimited km’s; road assistance 24/7; 1 driver with at least 21 years old (with at least 3 years of driving license); drive in Portugal.

Security Deposit insurance Essential, according type of van and age of drivers:

– Van 2-3p – Security Deposit = 1750€ (less than 25y old) /  =1250€ (at least with 25y old)

– Van 4 – Security Deposit = 2450€ (less than 25y old) /  =2000€ (at least with 25y old) 

For more protection, we have Top insurance – subject to an additional fee per day

This insurance includes the coverages of the Essential insurance and also allows you to have more coverages redution security deposit – additional coverages: with tire insurance (only 1); Safe glass (only 1 glass; excludes headlights, taillights, mirrors, skylights and solar panel); Occupant insurance; additional driver.

Security Deposit insurance TOPl, according type of van and age of drivers:

– Van 2-3p – Security Deposit = 950€ (less than 25y old) /  =500€ (at least with 25y old)

– Van 4 – Security Deposit = 1390€ (less than 25y old) /  = 990€ (at least with 25y old) 

You can add an additional driver with an additional price of 10€/day.


For road accident (applicable to the first accident), you are liable for any damage sustained while in possession of the vehicle, up to the amount of the security deposit, considering all the exclusions described in clause 12 – Exclusions.


The security deposit is reserved and held in a credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD).This amount will be released 10 business days after the end of the contract, as described in our General Terms and Conditions.


All insurance options and security deposit only cover the first accident, incident or new damage, not each rental. If the vehicle show more than one damage, accident or incident during the rental period, you will be liable for the full amount of the repair for each additional damage.

It is not possible yet 🙂 You only can drive with our campervans in Portugal.

The pick-up/return of the vehicle is done at ROADCAMPERS facilities or, upon request, at Lisbon Airport / Stations with a charge of transfer.

Pick-up time at facilities (week days): from 15: 00-18: 00h (free of charge); Return time at the premises: from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (free of charge).

Deliveries and / or returns outside these hours and/or on weekends, additional cost as below:

check out  check in
9h-11h (week days) = Free 15h-18h (week days) = Free
9h-11h (weekends) = 30€ 15h-18h (weekends) = 30€
7h-9h (week days) = 25€ 18h-21h (week days) = 25€
7h-9h (weekends) = 35€ 18h-21h (weekends) = 35€
24h-7h = 50€ 21h-24h = 50€

If you need, contact us for specific requests.

  • Driving license (category B – light) valid for driving in Europe (for all drivers)
  • Credit card (with a sufficient amount for security deposit) – the credit card owner must be present when the vehicle is delivered and the contract is signed
  • Passport / Citizen Card (for all drivers)

Copies of driving licenses, ID cards or credit cards are not accepted.

You should return at the time and place agreement in the contract.

The exterior and interior of the campervans must be in the same conditions as registered on the check in day, as described in our Terms and General Conditions.

Fuel – you must deliver with the same level of fuel as you had at the time of pick up. Otherwise, we will charge the missing fuel, plus an administrative fee for the refueling service

Cleaning – you must deliver cleaned with absence of garbage, sand, mud or any other waste, kitchen utensils cleaned,  the cooler turned-off with no food inside and properly empty and clean wastewater and chemical toilet tanks

It will be charged €150 if the vehicle is not returned in clean condition inside and outside.

As soon as you know about the delay, you should contact us.

As soon as there is a delay, you are conditioning the next rental. You may have to pay for each day of delay (whole or fraction) a value calculated based on triple the daily rate for the vehicle object of the contract.

In case the check in cannot be done on the scheduled day due to delays, please contact us as soon as possible, once you are aware of the situation. We will find the best solution.

Up to 48 hours before the start of your reservation, you are entitled to a full refund of your reservation if you are unable to travel due to COVID 19 restrictions (closed borders, positive test for Covid), which makes it impossible to pick up the vehicle or drive in territory Portuguese.

For this, it is necessary to present an official document proving the impossibility of traveling.

All other cancelation reasons: • Up to 30 days before the start of the rental: the previous amount paid as a reservation is returned; • Between 29 and 15 days before the start of the rental: the previous amount paid as a reservation is not refunded (however, the remaining amount of the rental will not be necessary) / • Less than 15 days before the start of the rental: it will be charged the total rental price. 

A change in dates, locations, type of campervan or other details will depend on the current availability and must be approved by RoadCampers.

Additional charges may apply. However, we will always try our best, so do not hesitate to contact us directly for individual requests.

Yes. The security deposit is mandatory. It varies depending on the type of van booked and insurance chosen.


The purpose of the security deposit is to cover the costs applicable for damaging both, vehicle or equipment, during the rental period. On road accident (only first), you are liable for any damage sustained while in possession of the vehicle, up to the amount of the security deposit, considering all the exclusions described in clause 12 – Exclusions.

The security deposit is reserved and held in a credit card (VISA/MASTERCARD), being canceled 10 business days after the end of the contract, in case of damages, fines or tolls payable as described in our Terms and General Conditions.

We are pet friendly, however on our campervans pets are not allowed.

We always recommend to spend the night at campsites or service areas since you will have available all facilities you might need such as electricity (to charge the campervans), full bathroom, specific areas to waste the water deposit, etc

In case of a breakdown or accident, you should immediately call us. We will be ready to assist you.

If needed, we will call roadside assistance for you in order to avoid any language barriers. Afterwards, you should carefully follow all the procedures described in our Terms and General Conditions.